Build Your Own Bed in 5 Easy Steps

Build Your Own Bed , best bed for bad back

You can build your own bed that also saves you money. … So get ready for your bedroom makeover, because once you have. From especially storage beds to custom size divan beds, we offer a scope of bespoke bed arrangements. As custom bed manufacturers, we need to help ensure that each client can choose the correct bed for both their room and their needs. Regardless of whether you are purchasing for your own home or lodging, another bed can be huge speculation, so it is imperative to pick the best bed and mattress for your room. We as whole expertise significant a decent night’s rest is, but at the same time, it’s fundamental that the look and feel of our beds add that additional joy to our dozing experience.

Our Build a Divan Bed instrument permits you to make your optimal bed from many various choices and see the bed change as your structure. We should separate the cycle into five simple advances.

Stage 1 – Choose the Dimensions of Your Custom Size Divan Beds

As you will know, the size of a bed is a key component of its comfort and ought to be picked cautiously. Prior to choosing a size, think about the size and design of the room, the bed will go in and the motivation behind the bed. At that point browse the accompanying sizes:

Single – 3ft (90x190cm)

On the off chance that you simply need a single bed for one, a solitary bed is an ideal decision. In case you’re anticipating purchasing two single beds for a twin room, you may wish to consider a super extra-large. This will permit you to pick between two singles or a joint super ruler bed, contingent upon your requirements. This is a magnificent choice in the event that you run a lodging or B&B or even only for a visitor room so you can oblige visitors who might wish to share a bed.

Double– 4ft6 (135x190cm)

A Double bed is ideal as a huge and sumptuous bed for one or to share on the off chance that you might want an option that could be greater than a solitary bed yet don’t have space for a lord.

King– 5ft (150x200cm)

A jumbo bed gives you somewhat more space than the Double and comes either as a full bed or a choice, permitting you to isolate the bed into two little singles, should you wish to. This is a mainstream decision for both individual use or in neighborliness as the Zip and Link work permits you to change a Double room into a twin room in minutes! The Bedsland lord is marginally littler than the standard ruler at 150x190cm. In the event that this is isn’t sufficiently large, pick an extra-length Zip and Link lord at 150x200cm.

Super King – 6ft (180x200cm)

For considerably more space, move up to a super King! Much the same as the extra-large bed, this super ruler likewise arrives in a Zip and Link form so you can change from a super king to two single beds if necessary. If you don’t mind note the super king is marginally littler than the standard super ruler at 180x190cm. In the event that this is excessively little, you can generally pick an extra-length super ruler at 180x200cm. When you’ve picked a size, it’s an ideal opportunity to choose a base.

Stage 2 – Choose a Base from Our Custom Made Storage Beds

The subsequent stage is to pick a base for your bed. You can decide on no base at all on the off chance that you like, however, we do offer a determination of bases. The decision of accessible bases relies upon the size of the bed you’ve picked. A few sizes incorporate capacity alternatives as well!

Divan Base

A divan base comprises of a hearty wooden casing and shrouded in texture. The sleeping cushion sits flush on the head of the base for a smoothed out structure. Pick a divan base for your single, twofold, ruler, super lord, or Zip, and Link bed.

Divan with Drawers

Divans with drawers are our uniquely crafted capacity beds. The base is equivalent to a standard divan with the expansion of inbuilt drawers to offer cautious extra room – ideal for putting away clothes or different things you may wish to keep perfectly concealed. On the off chance that you pick a solitary bed with drawers, your bed will have two on one side. In the event that you need a twofold, lord, super ruler, or Zip and Link, your bed will have four drawers – two on either side.

Guest Bed

On the off chance that you would profit by an additional dozing alternative, our Guest beds are solitary bedding that is put away inside the base of a solitary or super lord zip and connection bed. Basically slide it out when you need it. When you’ve chosen your base, you can pick a texture. With many various textures and hues to browse, there is something for everybody and each taste. Just as the hues recorded on our Build a Bed apparatus, we can offer bounty more as new textures are continually being reestablished. Or then again, perhaps you have your very own texture that would commend a current room. The choices you’ll discover on our Build a Bed apparatus are as per the following, and are accessible in various hues:
  • Standard Base
  • Leather Base
  • Chenille Base
  • Linoso Base
  • Bracken Base
  • Velvet Base
In the event that you have an alternate texture as the main priority, don’t hesitate to reach us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Stage 3 – Choose a Mattress

While choosing a bed, the mattress is an individual decision. Your inclination of immovability and material is significant, which is the reason we offer various sleeping pads:


A basic and agreeable choice for a decent night’s rest on any of our divan bases!

Inn Contract / Hotel Contract

This bedding is one of our generally well known! It’s OK with medium immovability and durable with cotton outside.

Lodging Pocket Sprung

In case you’re inclined to move about in your rest, this sleeping pad maybe your ideal match! It has a medium solidness with pocket springs sewn together in singular cotton pockets that go about as safeguards, upgrading the solace of the sleeping cushion and supporting the individual shapes of your body.

Lodging Waterproof

For those with hypersensitivities who profit by a waterproof sleeping cushion, we suggest the Hotel Waterproof bedding. It’s not elastic or plastic, so it doesn’t make clamor each time you move! Rather, it’s produced using an uncommonly treated texture for your solace.


This sleeping cushion is of medium immovability and is ideal for those with a throbbing painfulness who need some additional help.


An agreeable temperature and breathability are vital to a decent night’s rest. The Coolmax is delicate and breathable with medium immovability, with an inn like quality.

Memory Pocket

The Memory Pocket is the greatest sleeping pad with unrivaled pocket springs under a two-inch layer of adaptive padding and secured by breathable texture to help you and help you unwind in the wake of a monotonous day.

Stage 4 – Select a Headboard

The correct headboard finishes the look and style of any bed and offers solace and backing when you need to sit up in bed to peruse, sit in front of the TV or make the most of your morning cuppa. Our Build a Bed apparatus permits you to browse three plans: Standard – this plain headboard is accessible in a scope of hues and textures noticeable on the Build a Bed device and can be connected to the top of the bed utilizing wooden swaggers. Secured – a story standing headboard for additional solidness with a beautiful fastened structure in a scope of hues and textures. Lined – like the secured headboard, this structure is floor standing and has a complex lined example.

Stage 5 – Select Add-Ons

Since you’ve finished your uniquely crafted bed plan, you can pick any extra additional items. We offer a gathering administration to remove the issue from setting up another bed, and you can choose this toward the finish of the structure cycle before you buy the bed. On the off chance that you’d like somebody to gather your old bed set, bedding, and bundling, we can do this for you to spare you the activity of discarding it. In the event that you’ve chosen a Zip and Link bed, presently is likewise an opportunity to state on the off chance that you’d like the bases isolated into quarters and parts! We trust these means rearrange the way toward planning your bed! As experienced custom bed producers, our group is available to assist you with picking a bed that upgrades your nature of rest and fits well into the space you have decided to put it. Utilize our Build a Bed apparatus today, or continue perusing our blog for more master tips on everything bed-related.

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