Divan Bed versus Bed Body

divan bed and mattress dimensions and dimensions guide

Which is correct for you?

When determining a brand new bed at Bedsland, the first decision you are going to ought to make is whether to choose a divan or a bed body. No longer only will your new bed affect your excellent of sleep, it’s going to even be the predominant focal point in our bed room, so taking the time to make the correct determination could be very important. Bedsland have put together just a few key facets about divans and bed frames to aid you to decide on the option most suited to each your house and your necessities.

Divan Beds

At Bedsland divan is a Bed with an excellent, material base presenting in-built storage. As soon as viewed historic-original, the trendy divan now comes in a massive sort of one-of-a-kind shapes, sizes and substances to suit any taste and residence inside.

  • Storage – The major improvement of a divan bed is that it maximises space in the bedroom by means of supplying cupboard space under the Bed.
  • Measurement – Divans probably soak up fairly much less space than a bed with a frame as they are best the size of the bed
  • Headboard – Headboards can also be with ease added and updated as required, changing the bed’s appearance with out the cost of purchasing a entire new mattress.

Right here at Bedsland we specialise in divan beds and divan bases and might manufacture a divan to suit your certain desires.

Bed Frames

Bed frames are often extra traditional in look than divans and could also be the preferred choice when additional storage is not required. Sort of patterns – From wooden and metal, to fabric and leather, mattress frames are on hand in a lot of one of a kind colours, styles and materials, enabling you to select an option that enhances your bed room’s décor flawlessly.

  • Appearance – Bed frames are largely viewed to be extra aesthetically wonderful and fashionable than divan beds. From attractive normal timber, to dependent, decorative metalwork, bed frames are to be had in a range of attractive finishes.
  • Fee variety – On hand to go well with a extensive sort of budgets, it’s viable to get a normal mattress body very cheaply.

At Bedsland we stock bed frames in all sizes and shapes together with wooden, steel, upholstered and leather-based designs.

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