Is There a Mattress For Good Sleep?

There is always a solution to every problem. Sleep deprivation is one such problem which has several reasons but we will discuss only one related to your platform you use to sleep. The question that is relevant here is: does your sleeping place effect your sleep. The answer is, yes.
General consensuses among experts show that people who get better sleep have better health than those who don’t. Comfort level of every person is subjective. Since, comfort is a subjective issue, having a mattress for good sleep is also matter of choices and preferences.
We will start with qualities of a mattress, and then we will provide some types and their life spans. We will move towards the conclusion with some tips to find a good mattress and get better sleep.

What makes a mattress good?

Research and articles suggest that an adjustable medium firm mattress is best to promote good, comfortable and healthy sleep. A mattress more or less should be able to provide a better position for your spine, coolness through the night, and should not be expensive. There are 4 major types of mattresses in the market.

Mattress types

  1. Pocket spring mattress
  2. Latex mattress
  3. Memory foam
  4. Hybrids

Choose your ideal mattress which address to your needs and requirements. Look for the materials and benefits they offer. Also consider their life span and how much time it takes them to get rough.

Life span of a mattress

Generally, people don’t pay attention to the life span of a mattress but it is one very important factor. Old mattress could get you allergies, bed bugs and body aches. Most mattresses are usable for 8 to 10 years. Instead of buying an anti-allergy mattress buy a mattress with washable casing. It will stop dust mites and allergies to get to you. Gel infused with foam can extend life of a foam mattress.

  • Latex mattress has life expectance up to 25 years. It is most durable mattress in the market.
  • Hybrid mattress is the most durable foam which merges steel coils with foam layers and textiles.
  • Open spring mattresses tend to last for 5 to 7 years.

Finding the right mattress

Talk and try

  • Try out mattresses in person.
  • Ask experts, friends and co-workers for a good mattress brand.

Give it time

  • Spend at least 15 minutes on the mattress in way you usual sleep.
  • If motion on the bed matters to you, allow your partner to sit on the other side of the bed and see whether it causes disturbance.

Long sleep trials

  • Buy a mattress from a company which offers free 90 days mattress testing period.
  • Also read about their return policy in case you need to return or exchange the mattress.

Recommendations for People With Pain

As a well-known fact, sleeping positions are vital, and research has revealed that 50–60% of individuals who suffer from sleeplessness may also have back or neck pain. If you wake up with pain that surely means your position placed undue stress on your neck or back. With a nice mattress, you should also consider a bed which can provide you better support.

What you need to do is find which sleeping position suits you the best.

Tips for a good night’s sleep

  • Reduce your screen time and shun blue lights before sleep.
  • Bring down you room temperature by opening a window
  • Keep to a schedule.
  • Sun shine is important for our brain to function better. It also sets our internal clock
  • Take exercise in the morning because it leads to good night sleep.
  • Eat healthy and don’t eat anything before going to sleep.
  • Take melatonin because it decreases the time you take to doze.

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