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Double Divan Bed:

We have a great selection of cheap double bed size for you to choose from. These are particularly ideal for couples because of the extra space they provide allows both people to get a great night’s sleep night after night.

What types of Double Beds are available?

As mentioned, there’s now plenty of options when it comes to 4FT6 Double beds. That includes colour, headboard choice, drawers storage & mattress options allowing you to select your bed choice to your interior design preferences.

What is 4FT6 Double Bed Size?

you need to be aware that beds with a storage base, headboard will likely be a little bigger than the following figures. Make sure you match up your specific double size bed with the available space to avoid any issues when it arrives. But generally speaking, these are the dimensions you should expect:

Do Double Beds Have Drawers/Storage Options?

Yes! 4FT6 Double Beds have the choice of drawers underneath the bed base. Double size beds have space to add 2 & 4 drawers because of their huge base size.You can choose the direction of the drawer for left side, right side, foot end 2 small drawers or foot end 1 long drawer. As we are the manufacturing company of divan beds so we will design the bed base as per your requirements.

What Type Of Double Beds Available in Shop?

At Bedsland we have a huge collection of cheap double beds in our online shop. 4ft6 double beds are available in Divan, Leather, Sleigh, Wooden & Metal Finishes.