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Storage Beds – Bed With Drawers

at Bedsland We have a huge collection of Storage Beds in our online Shop. You will find divan and sleigh beds with drawers storage underneath bed base for extra room space.

Benefits of bed with storage

Storage beds are built with compartments for you to keep items within the bed. Having a divan bed with drawers storage give you so much space your bedroom.

Because storage space beds have easy‐to‐use systems in place for you to use the drawers storage option at the side, you can store absolutely anything you wish within them. Items like spare bedding, towels, shoes or seasonal clothing will sit comfortably under the bed base until you’re ready to use them. This means your room can stay looking neat and free from excess items and can also make more space in your wardrobes or airing cupboard.

Small bedrooms can benefit massively from having a storage bed. When space is already at a premium, any extra room that can be utilized is vital. Storage beds use the space that would have otherwise gone neglected between your mattress and the floor.

Divan Storage Bed:

We are the premium manufacturers of Divan bases, so you can wide range to get your custom bed base design with drawers as per your need. Single Divan Beds come up with only 2 drawers underneath the base, but other than that Small doubleDouble divan beds, King and Super King size divan bed have more drawers space under the base. You can choose the drawers design by the following directions are displayed in the image below:

storage bed - drawers option - storage option - drawers under bed base

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4FT6 Double Divan Beds

Linen Look Grey Divan Bed with Headboard & Mattress

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