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Your bed is the centerpiece to your bedroom and the most important piece of furniture within it. Beds give us a place to relax and snuggle up but, most importantly, provide us with a place to sleep and restore energy. With so many different bed frame styles on offer, it can be difficult finding one that suits your needs, decor and budget. Bedsland have an extensive range of beds for sale, categorized into different sections for your ease.

Choosing the right bed size

Beds come in various sizes depending on how big your room is or how many people will be sleeping in the room. The standard sizes are single, double and king. For rooms that are particularly strapped for space, or for young children, a small single might be a better option. If you want something just a bit bigger than a single bed, you might choose to opt for a small double. Finally, if you want the height of comfort and luxury, a super king bed and mattress will definitely do the trick.

Storage Beds

Most bedrooms need as much extra storage space as they can get. The best storage beds which offer the most extra space are undoubtedly ottoman styles. In these beds, the mattress lifts up from the bottom or the side revealing a useful area beneath for you to store whatever you like. Using the space between the mattress and the floor, which is usually neglected, means you can fit plenty of things inside, freeing up valuable cupboard space elsewhere. Divan Beds also have drawers underneath for the same purpose.

Children bedrooms usually need even more storage space than adults’ due to the number of toys and other things they have. Cabin beds are ideal for kid’s rooms where space is at a premium as they incorporate drawers, shelves and cupboards beneath the bed. This means you’ll keep your precious floor space without having to compromise on storage space.

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