1. At Bedsland, we deliver free to Mainland Uk area.
    Items will be delivered to the ordering address within 21 days.
  2. As we have mentioned in our cash on delivery (COD) policy you have to pay us
    to confirm yours with the courier.
  3. The customer must ensure that appropriate parking is available,
    during delivery that any parking restrictions be made available
  4. At booking in the stage. All parking penalties will be the responsibility of the customer and will be added to their next invoice.
  5. We currently carry over 95% of our range always in stock.
  6. For peace of mind, your item will be delivered fully insured and would be exchanged Free of charge in any rare case of damage.
  7. We use a specialist furniture carrier for over 95% of our deliveries,
    this ensures that you will receive your goods in perfect condition.
    Delivery Additional Charges
  8. Urgent orders will be subject to a carriage charge depending on location.
    Contact customer service to confirm additional charges.
  9. A repeat delivery charge will be paid by you if no one is available at the agreed date and time of delivery.
  10. Note: Please note free delivery is only available to “Mainland UK Only”.
    Following postcodes do not qualify for free delivery,
  11. Contact customer service to ask about charges for these postcodes. Deliveries to Scotland
  12. Delivery charges to Scotland area normally cost from £65. All deliveries to Scotland normally take 21 days in maximum.
    However if you need the item in less than working 4 days, you can contact customer service at Bedsland, to arrange a super fast delivery within the specific time.
    Additional charges apply. Confirm from the customer service.
  13. A surcharge applies to the deliveries in the north of Glasgow and Edinburgh.
    The surcharge is not fixed and depends on the postcode and area where you lives. The surcharge amount will not be included in the online order bill. This special surcharge will be added separately later on. If you need to discuss then please contact us.
    Deliveries to Northern Ireland and Ireland
  14. Our deliveries to Northern Ireland/ Ireland areas are charged at £125.
  15. *It takes up to 21 days maximum, to deliver your order to your location. For a quick delivery such as between 1 to 4 working days,
    contact us,
    to make an arrangement for early delivery. Additional charges apply.
  16. All your orders are delivered in flat pack conditions, which are assembled at home.
    Deliveries to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man Deliveries to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man carry a surcharge of £149.00 and can take up to a maximum of 21 days.
    Failed Delivery Charges
  17. If you are not at home when we attempt delivery you will incur a failed delivery charge.
  18. If for any reasons you did not like your ordered item, you will incur a failed delivery charge.
  19. If after booking in payment cannot be made to the driver, or if the delivery cannot be made for any other reason,
    the delivery will incur a Refused Delivery charge of between £60-£100 depending on location and size of the delivery.
    Any failed delivery charges will be added to your invoice or deducted from your refund as applicable. Delivery Order
  20. Every item displayed on our website is available in our warehouses which make it possible for quick next day delivery.
    There is the least possibility of non-availability of any item, which we deliver within 21 days.
  21. We deliver all orders in flat-pack condition.
  22. In case you need any item at a specific date, you have to notify us by calling us.
  23. *We deliver your item fully insured and for your satisfaction, there is a free exchange of any damaged caused during the delivery.
  24. As soon as you pay the full amount for your online order we will contact you. We will inform you about the earliest delivery date and decide the time with you.
    We try our best to deliver your order within the time slot we discussed with you.
    But since this time frame is our estimated time of delivery, if any change occurs we will notify you well in time.
  25. It is your responsibility that there should be suitable access for your delivery of furniture.
    The order can not be cancelled just because access is not possible at your location.
    Any restriction like a small doorway, unable to adjust furniture due to small space or restrictions, limited loft access or even no parking is available to park the delivery van will be your responsibility and we will not be able to deliver your order.
    These restrictions are not complete any unseen problem or restriction will be the cause of cancellation and you will have to bear failed delivery charges.
  26. If there are any restrictions you have to inform us at the time of purchase and order. If there are special instructions about the delivery and if we have to arrange extra equipment and people, there will be extra charges for that which you have to pay.
  27. In our standard delivery, we deliver your products from the ground floor or basement entrance.
    There must be easy access to the front or back door entrance.
    For the first floor level either there should be a lift or the staircase should be wide enough to lift your furniture.
  28. This charge is also applied to the first time free delivery orders.
    If you cancel the agreed delivery time slot less than 44 hours you still have to pay the repeat delivery charges.
  29. We will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss of profit or any other financial loss or damage to you,
    due to the delay of order because of any unforeseen events or accidents which are not controllable by Bedsland.