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What is Memory Foam Mattress?
A memory foam mattress is made from a specialist foam that moulds to your body and can also be combined with springs or support foam. These have become the mattress of choice for many, as they provide a unique level of comfort that helps to aid support throughout the night. These mattresses are formed from a man‐made foam known as viscoelastic. The material is incredibly beneficial as a platform for sleeping on, as it reacts and softens when exposed to heat. What this means is that your body heat helps to form a foam mattress to a shape that will perfectly hug your body.
As you lie on memory foam, you’ll feel a slow sinking sensation, which is the viscoelastic reacting to your body heat. The mattress hugs your body closely and distributes your weight evenly across the surface. This means you are much less likely to wake up with stiff joints or experience numbness in your limbs, as your pressure points are not strained at any point.

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?
There are a lot of pros when it comes to memory foam mattresses. One of these is that the material caters to your body, allowing for a unique and individual sleeping experience. They’re an ideal mattress choice if you tend to vary your sleeping positions, or if you sleep with a partner who has different sleeping requirements. The material moves to accommodate your shape, meaning it will change to suit you on your side while responding differently to your partner.
The material can help to provide a deeper sleep for restless sleepers. This is especially good news for parents of children who tend to wake a lot in the night. That’s because the material will embrace restless limbs and ensure a more peaceful rest overall.
Our single memory foam mattress options are the ideal choice for growing children, as the supportive material helps to keep spines aligned and healthy. A double foam mattress is a perfect solution for a medium‐sized room, making the most of the space available and promoting healthy sleep.
Our sizes also include small double, king and super king memory foam mattresses to give you the deep sleep possible.

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