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Divan Beds frame

Divan Bed Frames

Mostly, divan bed frames come in two styles first is a sprung divan base and the second one is a platform divan base. At Bedsland we are offering both types of divan frames. Browse our website and so you purchase the most suitable divan frame from our website.

Sprung Divan Base

A sprung divan frame is an extravagance divan base that’s top layer consists of springs that run from edge to edge. As a result, it acts as a shock absorber, so it offers soft support and a luxury sleep surface. At Bedsland we are offering two types of sprung divan frame:

1. Sprung edge divan base
2. Firm edge divan base

Sprung divan bases are the most luxurious option and these bases are usually higher in price. However, they provide a number of benefits which make them great value for money. Here are some of the benefits that sprung divan base provides:

• Firstly, it Acts as another support layer
• Secondly, Offers a laxer sleep surface
• Thirdly, Improves the longevity of your mattress
• Most importantly, Firm edge bases

Platform Divan Base?

The platform top divan base is firm and provides a supportive surface for your mattress. The platform divan frame is also known as a “hardtop” or “boarded top”. This type of base is manufacture from a solid timber frame and a non-sprung panel top. Benefits of platform divan base

• Firstly, it is A firm bed
• Secondly, It provides Higher levels of support for your back
• Thirdly, It is an ideal bed for your orthopedic mattress
• Most importantly, It gives value for money

At Bedsland we are offering a wide range of Divan frames in a variety of colors and sizes. We manufacture all our products in the UK. We are offering free delivery all over the UK mainland. If you have any questions, Message us at [email protected] we will respond to you ASAP!
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