3FT Single Divan Beds

If your room has less space or your children want their own single bed with storage. we are offering 3ft single divan beds in size of  190cm (6ft 3”) long and 90cm (3ft) wide which is the perfect size for adults, teenagers, and kids. Moreover, we also give the facility of extra storage drawers in our 3ft bed with storage. A children’s room with an ideal 3ft single bed is a more suitable combination. An adult living alone and having a double bed is a strange thing.

So at Bedsland, we are providing strong and well manufactured single beds with enormous designs. As we always care about customer’s relief so we are also offering soft comfortable mattress according to the perfect size of a single divan bed. Our expert craftsmen use timber wood for bed frames which is the statement of durability and long-lasting without any doubt. And our comfy mattresses are the assurance of healthy sleep.

Single Divan Bed With Storage And Mattress

Most popular choice across the Uk for both their comfort & style.  A single divan bed with storage and a mattress are the two components that make them up. They may occasionally even have additional components like mattress pads or independent legs. The basis of the divan is a wooden frame covered in fabric. Many of our divan beds also feature built-in storage drawers in the base for added convenience.Fortunately, several of our divan bed bases are available separately, allowing you to use any mattress you’d like with it—as long as it fits, of course.
To give your bed and room a comfortable appearance, single divan bed with storage available with a stylish headboard (Attached Headboard or floor standing headboard). But in reality, it all depends on the individual. You can select divan bed bases in a range of colours, with or without headboards, and with or without drawers underneath from our large range.

Single, Double, or King-Size Divan Beds?

Size matters. at the very least in terms of divan beds. How many people will sleep in the bed is the most obvious factor to think about. But that’s not all. How much space does each individual require and desire? And is there a potential that, in the near future, a bed meant for one person would have to accommodate two? Keep in mind that our divan beds with you a long  long time

Benefits of a single divan beds

  • Space Saver- Firstly, due to the very ideal size for individual ones it saves a lot of space in the room.
  • Moveable and fix Legs- Secondly, we are offering beds with both moveable and fixed legs. So you can choose according to your room.
  • Extra Storage– Thirdly, you can put your stuff in extra storage drawers we are providing with single divan beds.
  • lightweight–  Most importantly, As single divan beds are lightly weighted so you can adjust them anywhere whenever you want.

3FT Single Divan Beds

Looking for affordable 3FT single Divan beds and mattress with a headboard? You have come to the right place! At BedLandco.UK, we have spent years perfecting the art of selling comfortable, inexpensive beds purely via this very website. Its means two things Firstly, you can be assured of single divan beds with drawers and single beds with storage of the highest quality and secondly the price of beds.

We have an excellent choice of traditional 3FT single divan bed frames including with base. Our single divan beds are easy to drift castors and headboard attachments are also protected. The storage options in single divan beds are of two drawers. The mattress is right for a kid’s bedroom. We concentrated divan base with a matching mattress. Also, our mattresses are the particular Mira coil and Mira pocket spring structures.

And is also perfect for the visitor room. Our top-rated category of single divan beds for sale capacities strong wooden bases. Our customer service 24/7 available and we offering day beds with in-a-day delivery in the UK mainland.

Easy drift castors and headboard attachments are also protected. Our present-day 3FT divan bed set permit you to personalize your bedroom fashion. Terms like ‘divan bed’, ‘divan set’ or ‘divan’. This type of 0 single divan bed headboards is ideal if you are looking for a complete bed and mattress package.

First of all, the range of single beds single divan beds with headboard 3ft comes with a choice for elegant mattress and headboard and fabric options. And also has been high-quality and protected examined. Even more, single beds are perfect for a small single bedroom or visitor room.

Also, we provide a spread of kind consolation fillings. Together with silk and cashmere wool. As a result, our single beds provide the best sleep space and joint relief. And most noteworthy, stop from overheating throughout the night.

BEDSLAND have different size, types and different color of divan beds. We have 3FT single divan, 4ft double divan bed, 5ft king divan beds, 6ft super king divan beds with drawers. Bedsland deals with the fabric type of divan beds like velvet divan beds, grey chenille beds, suede beds. We have also different colors of 3FT single divan beds such as black, brown, Grey, CHAMPAGNE, Charcoal divan beds.

Furthermore to create a highly-priced sleep environment. Select a single divan bed that covered in tender velvet, fake suede, or faux leather-based. Also, our space-saving Ottoman unmarried beds are a remarkable option for children’s bedrooms.

Nothing beats a full night’s sleep. And our divan beds have a lot of choices to help you find the sleeping comfort that best suits you. The soft headboards help make reading or watching TV extra comfortable, too.

  • Coil sprung 3FT divan beds
  • Pocket sprung 3FT single divan beds
  • Memory foam 3FT divan beds

The storage options:

The storage options in single divan beds are of two drawers. If you want a storage option in single divan beds. Both drawers will come on the same side. There is no option of two drawers are opposite to each other.

Two drawers Two drawers on one side for a single-sized divan bed.

Our Single divan beds made from two parts. A concentrated divan base and a matching mattress. Our great range of single mattresses is tailor-made for every age, size, and frame sorts. Also, our mattresses function the particular Mira coil and Mira pocket spring structures.

Mira coil springs are uniquely fashioned to offer head-to-toe spring alignment. Also spreading weight effortlessly across the bed. Mira pocket additionally offers a distribution of pocket counts. Just to fulfill your personal comfort desires.

The divan base and the mattress designed to work together. So each sleeper can experience personally tailor-made consolation; night after night. To provide a comfortable night’s sleep.


We aim to provide rich single beds that reduce the common reasons for restlessness. Furthermore, whether you choose a sprung base for a softer sense. Or a platform base for a firmer experience.

Your Bedsland single mattresses are completely supported. Due to weight sent is light-hearted throughout the whole divan base.

The cheap single beds don’t actually lie within the mattress’s excellent. For the purpose that you may create a single divan bed that reflects your character style. Simple capable of the select base type, material, color, and headboards.

Our single divan beds give the option of combining space-saving storage into the bottom. We offer single beds and metal beds in the UK and 3ft double beds for the guest room and guest beds

Moreover, we are always committed to supporting the whole family. So, that they can experience a wonderful night’s sleep.

So, once you’ve found your best divan bed base from our website. You may relax within the knowledge that we’ll deal with the rest. We are also giving FREE delivery in the entire UK mainland. And a very easy process of divan beds fitting so that you may soon sleep with complete comfort.

Simple functional design:

Divan beds are one of the more popular types of single beds in the UK with storage. Because they’re made up of two parts. They’re often quicker to assemble than other single beds with storage. While their wheels make them easy to move around a room.
Another feature of a 3ft single bed with storage and mattress is the combined 3ft bed with storage that’s available with most models. Even a single divan base comes with plenty of drawer space. This makes them the perfect choice for smaller bedrooms or kids’ rooms.
Whether you’re after a small double divan bed or a super king size divan. We’ve got something to suit everyone. We have a wide range of divan base i.e. 3ft 4ft 4ft6 5ft king. You can simply search for your favorite divan beds bases on the lowest price.
single divan bed with storage and mattress

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I ordered an 3ft single bed with drawers which arrived on time. Has great storage space which fits all of my shoes and more. I also bought a memory foam mattress which has been a pleasure to sleep on, very comfortable! Excellent service, many thanks.5 stars ⭐️

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