Grey Suede Divan Bed Base and Mattress


Divan Bed Base and Mattress:

Grey suede divan bed typically have solid base instead of slats holding mattress. Basically divan bed come in two pieces’ base frame and mattress. Constructs with strong timber wood and surrounded by fabric.

Divan bed base made up of strong timber wood for long lasting bed life Mattress is full of comfortability and made with special material to support comfortable night sleep. Divan bed mattressDivan Bed Base Features:  Come up with many features exciting offers. These are given below.


Divan bed frames are usually build in movability and sometimes with wheels. Divan provides comfort to their customers by attaching wheel under bed legs. Basically beds are too heavy to move while changing room settings and dusting.It normally need 4 to 5 person to operate bed but with wheel facility in divan bed single person can easily operate and himself away from tiredness.

Storage Solution

 Many people in the world have storage issue in the their rooms they have limited room space but Divan bed frame reduce that problem. Devan bed frame have draws inside it (2,4,6)depend up on the bed side.

So people do not have need to buy drawers sepratly. By buying a Divan bed you also get drawers inside it and you can fix your clothes,shoze and  other dality routine things.


A divan bed base for the most part additionally accompanies a headboard, which ordinarily coordinates with the base. Divan bed bases, sleeping pads and headboards can be made in a scope of plans and with an assortment of materials and completions.

A few group lean toward a plain, downplayed divan bed base that can offer them pragmatic living and dozing arrangements. While fitting effectively into a room. Others favor all the more an assertion piece, stunningly manufacture in a bespoke plan that is the point of convergence of any room.

Sizes of Divan Bed Bases:

Every person in this world have different capacity. grey suede divan bed come with different sizes like small, small double, double, king, super king size. Divan bed bases can be ideal for a many individuals. On the off chance that your house is lacking away, they can make convenient additional cabinet space. Which you can use to put a wide range of things.

They’re additionally extraordinary on the off chance that you need a household item that you can without much of a stretch move. A few beds with conventional legs and can particularly hard to move because of their weight, yet a divan can frequently be modify to effectively slide around your floor space, regardless of whether you have cover fitted.

Divan Mattress:

Divan mattress usually sit on the top of bed base. mattress have spring inside it for comfort and to adjust the body profile.

Mattress s full of comfortability and made with special material to support comfortable night sleep. Many people have problem with old designed hard mattress. But divan solve it with soft and springy mattress.

Divan Mattress Type

Inner Spring Mattress:

An innerspring mattress is an old and classic technology famous all around the world. Inner springs are made up of coil use for core support. These types of mattresses offer a huge comfort level and are available at any price to meet any budget. Visit Now

Hybrid Mattress:

Hybrid mattress basically is a mixture of innerspring mattress and memory foam mattresses. It provide the classic benefit of innerspring coil system and added memory foam benefits to provide huge number of comfort for relax.

Foam Mattress 

Foam mattresses usually offer high comfort described as a “sinking in sensation”. In comparison of inner spring mattress. It offer more relaxed and durable product with the layer of foam on the mattress.


Devan bed frames and mattress are in different sizes and avalibty for every class person according to their requirement and budget. Devan beds offering excitement features like drawers, storage solution, flexability, easy movability and operating while dusting etc.


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Size Guide

Bed SizesLength (cm)Width (CM)Height(cm)
3ft Single1909035
4ft Small Double19012035
4ft6 Double19013535
5ft King Size20015035
6ft Super King Size20018035