UK Quality Mattress Sizes: The Mattresses Size Guide

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Type of mattress:

It’s clean to appearance beyond the significance of a mattress. A pleasant mattress is vital and important in our life. However, mattresses ensure we’re dealt the quality night time’s sleep viable.

The satisfaction of a quality mattress and the cloth it’s crafted from are of course critical. However, it’s vital you get the scale and measure the mattress properly. After all, no one wants to need to ship lower back a bed because it’s far too massive or small for their mattress.

Thankfully, there are fashionable bed mattress sizes UK you could rely on, and that is our should-have manual to mattress sizes. You should don’t begin on buying a mattress without knowing about your size of mattress you need.

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In the Great Britan, Bed sizes are measured in step with the dimensions of the Mattresses they hold. That’s a popular measurement. However, the actual dimensions of the Mattresses can range according to their shape and style, that is what can regularly cause confusion.

You must continually study bed frame dimensions for precise measurements. As they’ll range from frame to border, and nearly constantly be barely larger than the mattress dimensions.

Most contemporary beds/mattresses bought inside the UK (and Ireland) are built the usage of imperial dimensions but are usually sold off their approximate metric equivalents:

Standard Uk mattress sizes

SizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)Dimensions (Imperial)
UK Single901903ft x 6ft3
UK Small Single751902ft6 x 6ft3
UK Wide Single1071903ft6 x 6ft3
UK Small Double1221904ft x 6ft3
UK Double1371904ft6 x 6ft3
UK King Size1522005ft x 6ft6
UK & EU Super King1832006ft x 6ft6


Size of Single Mattress:

The size to single mattress is 90cm in width and 190cm in legnth. and dimensions are 3ft” x 6ft3inch”.

single mattress

Single beds are the very often used bed sizes for youngsters, kids and bunk beds, which makes them one of the most famous purchases in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Just ensure you get the unmarried bed length right whilst matching to the mattress in question, because it’s less complicated than you watched to buy the incorrect sized mattress.

Size of Small Single Mattress:

The size to small single quality mattress is 75cm in width and 190cm in legnth. and dimensions are 2ft6inch” x 6ft3inch”.

small single

Standard small single beds are really the equal length as preferred mattresses however six inches narrower, which is why you need to be careful while buying a small single mattress.

Small unmarried mattresses are perfect when seeking to store area or for while children in the end make the leap from their cot to a mattress. Get the size right, and you’ll have no trouble ensuring a sound night’s sleep.

Size of Small Double Mattress:

The size to small double mattress size uk is 120cm in width and 190cm in legnth. and dimensions are 4ft” x 6ft3inch”.

bed mattress sizes uk small double

Most houses have a double bed quality mattress firm mattress of a few descriptions, but do you recognize what size yours is?

Small double beds quality mattress is ideal for those who need to save space but nonetheless offer sleeping space for two human beings, and that is the mattress size you require if that’s the bed you have.

Small double beds are 4 ft huge and require this size mattress if it’s to healthy flawlessly without overlaps or gaps.

Mattresses for small double beds are six inches narrower than what you locate on a popular double bed. The popularity of beds pressure points of this kind has risen dramatically in recent years, due to their suitability for spare rooms or teenagers who need extra space wherein to sleep.

Size of Double Mattress Size UK:

The size to double mattress size uk is 135cm in width and 190cm in length. and dimensions are 4ft6inch” x 6ft3inch”.

bed mattress sizes uk double

It’ll come as no wonder to learn that the same old double bed size is the maximum commonplace inside the UK and a outstanding preference for almost any type of room or family scenario.

Picking the right bed, however, remains critical due to there being numerous other sizes of double mattress to be had. This is the scale you need whilst looking at UK bed sizes for standard double beds.

If you have a double bed and recognize that it’s a popular size, this is the standard mattress sizes uk mattress you want in inches – don’t cross above or under!

Due to conventional double beds being the most famous to be had, you have to find lots of options in terms of mattress picks.

Size of King Mattress:

The king size bed pocket sprung mattress sizes uk is 152cm in width and 200cm in legnth. And dimensions are 5ft” x 6ft6inch”.


A standard ‘King Size’ (5’zero”) bed includes a longer period than the same old ‘double’ (6’6” in preference to 6’3”) layers of foam. A king size hybrid mattress will provide plenty of room for 2 person sleepers, but ought to simplest be used in larger bedrooms with more space.

Size of Super King Mattress:

The standard spring mattress sizes uk to super king bed mattress sizes uk is 183cm in width and 200cm in legnth. And dimensions are 6ft” x 6ft6inch” good for sleeping position.

super king

The time period ‘queen-size’ whilst regarding beds simply got here from America. Even more, it’s the guys across the pond who define the size of these huge beds.

A queen-size bed mattress dimensions uk is a whopping 60 inches wide and eighty inches lengthy in relation to pocket spring mattresses. So you’ll need a great online shipping organisation to ensure it gets to you correctly. And, just to confuse us all, queen beds with memory foam mattresses are every so often called ‘king beds’ on these united states of America. So take a look at your dimensions carefully!


Bedsland can provide bespoke mattresses sizes to fit your desired beds.

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