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At Bedsland, we offer a wide range of single divan base with drawers for extra room space solution. We offer luxury headboards, memory foam mattresses & orthopaedic pocket sprung mattresses.

Our coverage in a range of all UK standard beds & mattress size at a really cheap price. You can buy a divan base only for £99.00. We also have divan beds single sale collection including super king size sleigh beds, leather beds, metal beds & wooden bed frames. Now we offer at our online beds and mattresses shop.

BEDSLAND offering “Free in a day Delivery”, custom service “Free Replacement”, and “Free Return” with the 30 days of 100% money refund policy on return.

Are you wondering what is a Divan Bed? Divans are not to everyone’s taste, you either love them or you hate them but they do have enduring popularity. So what has sustained demand over the years and why should you invest in one? Here you can read the complete divan bed information

Extra Drawers Storage Space Solution Underneath Divan Base

One of the big attractions of divan beds has always been the extra storage space underneath the divan base provides in the bedroom. If your room is cramped, then you can add a lot of extra capacity with a Divan bed. Divans are also designed to fit the measurements of the mattress without adding anything extra to the length and width.

You can personalize them

It is a common misconception that Divan bed all look the same. This isn’t true when you consider that they usually don’t come with a headboard so you are free to choose your own to match your bedroom style. We have a big range of options for Crushed Velvet Beds, Colour, Headboard & Mattress choice.

They tend to be firmer than other bed types

A divan will come with a platform top which means you get some extra padding underneath. So if you prefer a firm mattress under you, then a divan could be the ideal choice.

Whether or not you opt for a divan is of course down to personal taste. If you want to check out our range of divan beds for sale near me for yourself browse through the examples in our store.

Read more about the frequently asked questions:

Are our divan beds easy to assemble?
Does my divan bed come with a mattress?
Are our divan beds expensive?
Do divan beds take up a lot of space?
Does my Double Divan Beds Sale come with storage?
Does my Double Divan Beds Sale come with a headboard?
Are there different divan base options?

storage bed - drawers option - storage option - drawers under bed base

You can choose to add drawers storage to your divan bed to help clear up the bedroom clutter and store away extra items. The ultimate space-saving solution, we offer a range of storage options for your divan bed that can be customized to meet your needs.

The storage options available in our Storage beds are:

2 Drawers Same Side (Left/Right) [ 3ft base have only 2 Drawers ] 4 Drawers – 2 Drawers Each Side (Left/Right)
2 Small Drawers Foot-end
1 Long Drawer Foot-end

Yes, they are the easiest type of beds to assemble. Your divan will arrive in two base halves (one whole piece if you buy a single-sized divan bed), complete with divan legs and a headboard if you’ve chosen one. Follow these step-by-step divan bed assembly instructions:

Turn the two base halves upside-down and attach the divan legs
Turn the bases over and push together, securing them with the locking clips on either side
Add the headboard (if you’ve chosen one) using the pre-drilled headboard sockets. The sockets are found at both ends of the bed, for convenience.

Double divan beds sale and mattress sets are usually much cheaper than purchasing a bed frame and mattress separately! We offer a wide range of divan bed and mattress sets to suit your budget – starting from as little as £99.00 for Double Divan Beds Sale.

storage bed - drawers option - storage option - drawers under bed base

Can I find Divan Beds in UK or Double Divan Beds Sale in UK?

You can find us in Wolverhampton. We do deliver locally within 30 miles but we are also giving a delivery service in the UK Mainland. So feel free to order your beds and mattresses and we will sort delivery for you.

It’s up to you! Double Divan Beds Sale comes complete with a matching mattress as standard. However, if you already have a mattress and simply want a new bed, you can choose a base only divan.

Generally speaking, most customers choose to purchase a full divan set. Read on to discover the different mattress and divan bed sets you can choose from.

Orthopaedic: The ultimate in sleep support: an orthopaedic mattress and divan bed is ideal if you’re looking for extra support for your back.
Pocket sprung: A pocket sprung mattress and divan bed provides premium, tailored the support that works in harmony with your movements throughout the night, with no “roll-off” or “roll-together”. Pocket springs move independently, preventing the transfer of movement between you and your partner.
Memory foam: A memory foam mattress and divan bed is a great choice if you’re looking for personalized comfort and relief from aches and pains. Memory foam also offers pressure relief, alleviating pressure points and promoting healthy circulation.
Latex: Due to its remarkably elastic structure, latex offers support where you need it and distributes body weight evenly to reduce pressure points. Our range of latex mattresses and divan beds help provide relief for aches and pains and a comfortable night’s sleep.

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