Velour Fabric Divan Bed Set, Luxurious Emerald Divan Set with Vertical Liner Long 54″ Headboard, Modern Divan Bed with 10″ Spring Memory Foam Mattress, Storage Drawers

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Velour Fabric Divan Bed Set

Transform your bedroom with the opulent Velour Emerald Divan Bed Set. It features luxurious velour upholstery in captivating emerald green. Enjoy a sumptuous sleeping experience with plush velour fabric. It offers both comfort and a sophisticated aesthetic to your sleeping space.

  • Although Crafted from high-quality materials, this divan bed set ensures durability for long-lasting comfort. Its robust construction guarantees resilience against wear and tear, making it a reliable choice. Meticulous attention to detail ensures every component contributes to sturdiness. From the sturdy frame to the resilient mattress, each element withstands daily use without compromising comfort. Materials undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring a worthwhile investment. Whether for lounging, sleeping, or relaxing, trust in consistent support and comfort. Upgrade your bedroom confidently with this divan bed set built to withstand the test of time while maintaining style and comfort.
  • Space-Saving Solutions: Choose from various storage options, including drawers and compartments, to maximize space and keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.
  • Additionally, Set up your dream bedroom effortlessly with the Velour Emerald Divan Bed Set.

    Moreover, customers experience a hassle-free assembly process. Additionally, the easy assembly ensures a stress-free setup. Furthermore, no complicated tools or instructions are required. In fact, simply follow the straightforward steps. Consequently, the intuitive design simplifies the assembly process.

    Each component is designed for seamless integration. Enjoy the convenience of setting up your bed quickly. Say goodbye to frustration during setup. Customers appreciate the user-friendly assembly experience. It saves time and effort. The Velour Emerald  Set offers convenience from start to finish. Make assembling

Divan Bed Base Storage Options:

Drawers are integrated into the divan bed base, Velour Fabric Divan Bed Set giving you extra storage space. This will likely offer you more room across the bed. Making Single Bed Frame and Mattress a right alternative for compact or crowded bedrooms.
Contact us for any of the above storage alternatives . And we will design the bed as per your instructional materials. Being a company it’s our precedence to design personalized beds as per purchaser’s choice. We make beds, particularly for our website orders.
storage bed - drawers option - storage option - drawers under bed base

Size Guide

Bed SizesLength (cm)Width (CM)Height(cm)
3ft Single1909035
4ft Small Double19012035
4ft6 Double19013535
5ft King Size20015035
6ft Super King Size20018035


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