Which Wall Should Mirror Be Placed in Bedroom?

Which Wall Should Mirror Be Placed in Bedroom?

Which Wall Should Mirror Be Placed in Bedroom?

A place of rest, renewal, and self-expression is the bedroom. Every element, including the positioning of mirrors, is important when constructing this hallowed area. Mirrors enhance the room’s depth and beauty in addition to serving a practical role. However, choose the ideal wall for your bedroom mirror can have a big impact on the entire design and ambiance of the room. In order to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere, we’ll examine the art of mirror placement in this blog and offer advice on where to hang your bedroom mirror. Let’s begin now!

1. The Eastern Wall reflects natural light

Consider mounting the mirror on the eastern wall if you want your bedroom to feel bright and energising. This positioning enables the mirror to capture and reflect the early sunlight, bringing warmth and vibrancy into your space. Natural light that is reflected gives the impression that the room is larger than it actually is, making it feel more airy and welcoming. An atmosphere of well-being and joy can be fostered throughout the day by waking up to the soft embrace of natural light.

2. The Northern Wall

Placing the mirror on the northern wall of the bedroom is a fantastic option for those looking to add a little romance and intimacy. The moon, a symbol of serenity and emotional ties, is connected to the northern hemisphere. You can create a calming and sensual atmosphere by reflecting the moonlight (or artificial soft lighting) from the northern wall mirror. This positioning is especially preferred for master bedrooms since it promotes intimacy and emotional connection.

3. The Western Wall: A Source of Calm

Place the mirror on the western wall of your bedroom if you want a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. A sense of ease and restfulness is embodied by the west as the sun sets. After a long day, you can relax in a calm environment by using a mirror on the western wall to reflect the warm tones of the setting sun. This position is perfect for bedrooms used for yoga, meditation, or just as a peaceful retreat.

4. The Southern Wall: Energising

The southern wall represents strength, assurance, and development. The energy levels in the space can be raised and a sense of vitality promoted by hanging a mirror on this wall. When the mirror reflects things like vivid art or indoor plants, it increases their impact and gives the room vitality. But keep it away from the bed; doing so is terrible Feng Shui and could make it difficult for you to sleep.

5. Mirror placement and Vastu

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian discipline of design, offers insights into the best placement of mirrors in bedrooms in addition to aesthetic and energy factors. Vastu principles suggest:

Mirrors shouldn’t be placed on the bedroom’s south and west walls since they are seen as unlucky. Putting a mirror on these walls can result in constant conflict, unease, and money problems.

North and East Walls: Hanging mirrors on the north and east walls of the bedroom is thought to be lucky. These are the directions that lead to development and success. To avoid health issues and sleep disruption, make sure the mirror is not facing the bed directly.

6. Placement of Bedroom Mirrors: Dos and Don’ts

Do: Take into account the mirror’s size in relation to the size of the walls and the arrangement of your bedroom. While a little mirror could be lost on a big wall, a huge mirror might overpower a small space.

Don’t: Place mirrors in opposition to one another to avoid creating a visual imbalance and discomfort.

Do: Maintain your bedroom mirror on a regular basis to provide the best possible reflection and clarity.

Don’t: Avoid placing the mirror in a way that it reflects clutter or pointed objects because this can throw off the room’s balance.


The atmosphere and spirit of your private haven can be greatly influenced by carefully choosing the wall for your bedroom mirror. By placing the mirror in the right spot, you may harness natural light, create a romantic atmosphere, channel serenity, and strengthen the vitality of the space. Keep in mind the distinctive qualities of your bedroom, and make your mirror reflect both your sense of style and the uplifting energy you want to bring into the area.

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Which Wall Should Mirror Be Placed in Bedroom?

The placement of the mirror in the bedroom is important since it can have a big impact on the decor, energy, and mood of the room. A strategically positioned mirror can reflect natural light, give an impression of space, and improve the design as a whole. On the other side, bad positioning might cause discomfort, sleep disturbances, or a sense of imbalance.

Which wall would be ideal for mounting a mirror in a bedroom?

Depending on your preferences and the desired results, there is no suitable wall for mounting a bedroom mirror. Typical possibilities include:
·        Eastern Wall: To reflect morning light and foster a cheery, upbeat environment.
·        For a hint of romance and emotional reconnection, use the Northern Wall.

How does the position of the mirror in the bedroom affect Vastu?

Mirrors on the bedroom’s south and west walls are to be avoided, per Vastu Shastra, as they are deemed unlucky. Mirrors are said to bring wealth and good energy when placed on the north and east walls. However, it is crucial to make sure the mirror is not facing the bed directly since this could cause health problems.

Can I hang a mirror from the ceiling in my bedroom?

No, it is not advised to hang a mirror from the bedroom ceiling. Feng shui and other design tenets contend that ceiling mirrors might obstruct the room’s natural energy