Luxury Comfort 2000 Double Pocket Sprung Mattresses

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Luxury Comfort 2000 Double Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Double pocket sprung mattresses is a high quality and high tech 2000 pocket sprung mattress. Reflex Pocket is manufactured using reflex Foam, individual pocket spring units and GelFlex.

Gelflex Pocket is a pocket spring mattress made of individual springs cushioned in their own pockets. This allows giving independent support in every area of the body. With its 2000 pocket springs, the gelflex pocket sprung mattress provides increased comfort by placing individual support to every pressure points of the body helping to soothe and relieve any discomfort.

The 2000 pocket sprung mattress includes the therapeutic properties of GelFlex and its moulding, cooling and instant rebound properties for relaxation and a fantastic feel.

In simple words, it is one of the best quality 2000 pocket spring mattress, perfect for orthopaedic conditions.

The Gelflex Pocket sprung mattress provides the best comfortable and healthy sleeping experience.


Mattress Features:

  • 2000 Pocket Count
  • Therapeutic properties
  • Orthopaedic Support
  • Water Bed Feel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Extra Body Support
  • Motion Absorption
  • Eliminates pain from pressure points
  • Good quality mattress in a good quality Cover
  • Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations


  • 50mm GelFlex
  • Foam Encapsulated Pocket Spring Unit
  • 2000 Pocket Count
  • Zipped Cover

Note: Mattress print may vary in design, but does not affect the quality of the product.  Mattresses will be delivered in the boxes. It is advised to measure up bed size before ordering the right mattress size.


3FT Single, 4FT Small Double, 4FT6 Double, 5FT Kingsize, 6FT Super Kingsize


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